Springwell Learning Community Lincolnshire

Springwell Learning Community Lincolnshire is a collaboration of 4 schools across the county of Lincolnshire. Our schools are located in Lincoln, Mablethorpe, Grantham and Spalding.

Our aim is to provide the young people of Lincolnshire with high quality education that is bespoke to their individual needs, supporting both their academic and personal development.

We work with young people that have either been permanently excluded or have been referred via the Lincolnshire Behavioural Inclusion Ladder, accessing an intervention place for 16 weeks. Regardless of how our young people arrive with us, our aims and goals are the same; to support the next steps of the young person, whether that is reintegration into mainstream, special or post 16 education.

Click here to visit the overarching Springwell Lincolnshire website, where you can find information on our other three schools.